PowerAG products give growers essential tools to maximize soybeans yields and improve profits.

Soybean acres continue to grow across the globe as growers find new ways to build yields and enhance the quality of this important food and feed source.


Today, we plant soybeans much earlier than in past decades because we know that getting soybeans to flower during the longest days of the year, increases flowering and pod set. As we push for better pod set and higher yields, we need to focus more on fertility, especially during critical growth stages.


Growers should take a season-long approach to managing for higher yields and include solid fertility programs before planting followed by foliar applied nutrients during key stages of growth. Readily available nutrients can help the plant build more yield as it pushes through critical growth stages with high nutrient demands. Foliar applied nutrients can also help out in fields that show micronutrient deficiencies.

Recommended Nutrient Program for Soybeans

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For two years, I’ve used PowerAG products to foliar feed my conventional soybeans.

Soybeans:Nutrients Enhanced the Productivity


For two years, I’ve used PowerAG products to foliar feed my conventional soybeans. Timely applications of PK Power, BorPower, and M-Power have produced significant results. My 2018 soybean crop averaged an increase of 20 bushels/acre over previous years. Enhanced productivity more than paid for all nutrient applications plus generated additional revenue per acre. The 2019 harvest season has not yet started, but the initial crop surveys show there will again be higher than average yields over past years. I am delighted with these results and will continue using PowerAG products, and plan to expand their use to my other crops next year.


Christopher Withington

Scotland, CT

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