Tree Fruit

PowerAG products help to supply vital nutrients for growth and pollination.

Soil health and fertility are especially important in tree fruit because trees stay in production for many years. Growers utilize soil samples and leaf tissue analysis to keep a close eye on nutrient availability, and to guide their fertility plan. Established fruit trees utilize more Phosphorus and Potassium than Nitrogen.


Secondary nutrients like Calcium are also very important. Calcium deficiencies can show up as leaf cupping, interveinal chlorosis, or corking in the fruit. A proper balance of micronutrients like Boron and Zinc are also important.


Boron deficiencies often show up as misshapen fruit. Zinc deficiencies are often identified by observing abnormally small leaves or leaf clusters where new leaves are being developed. PowerAG has multiple products that can help to maximize fruit quality and yield.

Recommended Nutrient Program for Tree Fruit

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PowerAG Products for Use on Tree Fruit

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Slow-Release Nitrogen


Tank Cleaner

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