Use PowerAG products on corn to deliver essential nutrients, maximize yields, and increase return on your investment.

Managing for higher yields in corn takes a season-long approach. Many “decision points” that affect yields are faced during key stages of growth. Early in the season, growers can make decisions that improve nutrient balance, increase soil health, and promote root development. These decisions allow young plants to maximize nutrient uptake and availability during kernel set and kernel fill.


Stress during early, critical developmental stages can lower the number of kernel rows and reduce yields. Pushing higher yields is limited by the nutrient flow that the plant can extract from the soil and translocate to the growth points of the plant. Foliar applied nutrients can help set the stage for maximum productivity by making essential nutrients readily available during these stages.

Recommended Nutrient Program for Corn

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After using MegaPower MP on corn through two seasons, we continue to be impressed...

Megapower MP:Improved Nutrient Availability


After using MegaPower MP on corn through two seasons, we continue to be impressed with the dark green foliage during early growth stages. Later, throughout grain fill, MegaPower MP helps keep the lower leaves healthy and green noticeably longer than untreated acres. MegaPower MP has improved nutrient availability to the plants and has helped increase our yields.


Chad Beiler

Cochranville, PA

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