We grow a wide variety of crops. Simply put—Streamline works! Over the years, I have tried various drift management agents with limited success. When facing adverse/breezy conditions, I couple Streamline with air induction nozzles and calibrate my sprayer to 15 psi. I’ve had great success with this combination.


We blend N-Ergize with urea in our facility at 3 qt/ton. Within a few minutes, the N-Ergize treated urea is dry enough to load into our spreaders. Our farmers like N-Ergize’s blue color—it shows the product’s even distribution and how well the prills are penetrated. N-Ergize also mixes well with our UAN and Sulfur solutions.


After using MegaPower MP on corn through two seasons, we continue to be impressed with the dark green foliage during early growth stages. Later, throughout grain fill, MegaPower MP helps keep the lower leaves healthy and green noticeably longer than untreated acres. MegaPower MP has improved nutrient availability to the plants and has helped increase our yields.


I’ve been using AlphaPower MP on my alfalfa after each cutting for 3-4 years and have noticed a remarkable increase in tonnage. Our harvests now meet our needs, and we no longer need to buy any supplemental feed for our dairy.

A. Zimmerman, FARMER

For two years, I’ve used PowerAG products to foliar feed my conventional soybeans. Timely applications of PK Power, BorPower, and M-Power have produced significant results. My 2018 soybean crop averaged an increase of 20 bushels/acre over previous years. Enhanced productivity more than paid for all nutrient applications plus generated additional revenue per acre. The 2019 harvest season has not yet started, but the initial crop surveys show there will again be higher than average yields over past years. I am delighted with these results and will continue using PowerAG products, and plan to expand their use to my other crops next year.

Christopher Withington, CHRIS FARMS LLC

For more than 20 years, I’ve owned and operated a produce and grain farm in Rome, New York. We emphasize quality over quantity. We’ve used and tested many fertilizer and nutrient supplements. During the past 2–3 years, we started relying on PowerAG products. We began with using MicroPower on our soybeans.  After that we trialed other PowerAG products on various crops and tracked our success and returns.

Our in-furrow program has been popUPpower, Zinc9% EDTA and M-Power. We use PK Power at tassel to increase test weight and boost the plant to finish the season out. We adjust the rate as needed per crop and soil type. This program not only delivers higher quality plants but also increases our yields.

Last year, in 2018, we topped out at 6,000 lbs. dry weight/acre and had test weights of 65 lb from the combine. We saw a huge yield increase by using PowerAG nutrients combined with a traditional fertilizer program. Compared to prior years of using only traditional programs, we were able to see the direct results of adding PowerAG nutrients.

BorPower is vital to help with Boron deficiencies. We use it in Cole Crops, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants, and more. We apply SulfurPower as a foliar supplement to tomatoes, onions, and grain corn when needed, and has been very effective. PK Power is a great product at bloom for Potash supplement to push yield and weight and add strength to the crop to help withstand Mother Nature’s habits.

I am a big fan of foliar applications when timed correctly. Applying products at dusk, allows nutrients to be absorbed and not burn the plant. The dew that drips into the soil positions the excess nutrients at the root system where these nutrients are absorbed and used. I see this as a big advantage. We’ve seen a reduction in the need for fungicides because of our stronger, healthier plants. Over and over, we have achieved a solid return on this investment.

Ronald Wagner, WAGNER FARMS

Streamline: An Effective Method for Minimizing Drift

Stewartsville, NJ farmer, Robert Santini, has seen firsthand how Streamline works, and now adds it to his spray mix to minimize drift and improve deposition. Robert commented, “Without it, I would be just sitting there waiting for the wind to die down.”

Pepper Spray: A Hardworking Defense Against Wildlife Browsing

Pittstown, NJ farmer, Tom Hlasney used Pepper Spray on his soybeans to keep deer out of his field and was very pleased with the results.


Pittstown, NJ farmer, Tom Hlasney, tested PowerAG products on his barley and noticed increased stand-ability, dense root balls, and long heads. The average weight ticket yield was 110 bushels/acre. He commented, “I have never had this kind of success before.”

Corn: Even Ears And Strong Standability 

When Frenchtown, NJ farmer, Gabe Sipos, purchased his farm, he faced compacted, nutrient-depleted, red clay soil, but the past two years use of PowerAG products has produced results. Mr. Sipos explained, “The micronutrient uptake has changed dramatically. We’re achieving larger root mass, strong standability, even ears, nice girth, and higher bushels per acre.”

Corn: Overcoming Compacted Soil to Lift Yield 

Knoxville, PA farmer, Karl Kroeck, commented, “Despite compacted soil in an old railroad grade, M-Power’s ability to put early roots on my corn has really impressed me.”

Alfalfa: Improving Tonnage Results +16.4% Tons/Acre 

Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, applied AlfaPower MP and BorPower 5–7 days after each harvest and achieved significant results. PowerAG test plots using AlfaPower MP and BorPower delivered an average percent increase per cutting of 16.4% tons/acre.

Soybeans: Healthier Plants and Good POD Set 

Knoxville, PA farmer, Karl Kroeck, faced gravelly, light soil when growing beans on his hills. Mr. Kroeck reacted, “We’ve been able to put early roots on the beans, get good pod set and advanced maturity. We like to get beans in sooner and then get them off before early frosts.”

Corn: Achieving Important Yield Increases 

Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, has been using PowerAG products for two seasons and stated, “We have definitely increased root mass and plant health.”

Soybeans: Increased Potash for POD Set and POD Fill 

Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, faced a late frost. He explained, “We thought the plants were gone, but they recuperated. At flowering we used HarvestPower with M-Power, and the beans really took off!”