PowerAG products deliver readily available nutrients to the alfalfa crop to improve tonnage per acre and alfalfa quality.

Alfalfa is sometimes referred to as the forgotten crop on many farms because some growers give more attention to maximizing yields on their corn and soybean acres. As many growers are continuously looking for ways to enhance productivity, improving tonnage on alfalfa acres is one way to increase total farm productivity.


It is best to build soil fertility to optimum levels, in alfalfa, prior to stand establishment, and then maintain fertility levels throughout the life of the stand. Soil pH is incredibly important in alfalfa because it has a direct effect on Phosphorus and Potassium nutrient availability.


Boron is essential for alfalfa and should be applied repeatedly throughout the year to help maximize tonnage. AlphaPower MP and BorPower, when used as a foliar program, will provide growers with essential nutrients that are readily available. A program that includes these key products will assist growers in achieving maximum tonnage on all their alfalfa acres.

Recommended Nutrient Program for Alfalfa

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I’ve been using AlphaPower MP on my alfalfa after each cutting for 3-4 years...

Alphapower MP:Increased Alfalfa Tonnage


I’ve been using AlphaPower MP on my alfalfa after each cutting for 3-4 years and have noticed a remarkable increase in tonnage. Our harvests now meet our needs, and we no longer need to buy any supplemental feed for our dairy.


A. Zimmerman

Mifflinburg, PA

PowerAG Products for Use on Alfalfa

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Slow-Release Nitrogen


Tank Cleaner

Wildlife Deterrent


Alfalfa Trial Data Summary
Data is from 3 years - 3 cuttings per yearUnits of Measure - TonsCheck1.5 pt/acreBorPower2 qt/acreAlphaPower MP3.724.31+ 14%65.554.543.532.521.51