KwikPower: Supplement with Potassium Acetate

KwikPower is a formulation of Nitrogen, Potassium acetate, organic acids, and vegetal protein hydrolysates. It is especially effective during rapid growth periods and fruit development when Potassium utilization is greatest. KwikPower can be used on any crop that requires Potassium.

Learn more about AmiTek, PowerAG’s new Amino technology found in KwikPower that supports physiological and metabolic functions within the plant and enhances plant productivity.

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FAQ: Why should I consider using potassium acetate over potassium hydroxide?

The absorption rate through a foliar application of potassium acetate is nearly 5 times higher than potassium hydroxide. So, you get more potassium into the plant, which increases efficiency, allows you to apply a lower use rate, and lowers your input costs.

Use Rates


  • Corn: 1–2 qt/acre at V4 to VT.
  • Soybeans: 1-2 qt/acre at V3 to R3.
  • Cereal Grains: 1-2 qt/acre at stage 2 to stage 8. KwikPower can also be applied at stage 10.1 to stage 10.5.
  • Fruiting and Leafy Vegetables: 1-4 qt/acre per application as part of a regular spray program.
  • Ornamentals: 1-2 qt/100 gallons of water. Apply applications of KwikPower as often as needed. Cover foliage thoroughly to the point of runoff.