Leafy Vegetables

PowerAG products help to maintain healthy plant tissues.

Growers producing leafy vegetables are keenly aware of the need to grow healthy, hardy plants and keep them free from diseases. Maintaining healthy, balanced soils with a high level of microbial activity and the proper pH is important when maximizing nutrient availability and producing healthy plants.


Many leafy vegetables have a short growing season and shallow root system. Although soil tests may show adequate fertility, nutrient mobility and availability can be limited because of various growing conditions. Adequate levels of Calcium are important to reduce tip burn and to aid nutrient flow through the plant. Potassium can help the plant’s defense against disease.


Foliar applications of M-Power, CalPower ACE, and PK Power are excellent choices to help you grow a hearty crop by maximizing nutrient availability. Other micronutrients are also important, and using a tissue analysis can identify deficiencies.

Recommended Nutrient Program for Leafy Vegetables

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PowerAG Products for Use on Leafy Vegetables

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