A Specialized Water-Conditioning Agent


Monocarbamide dihydrogen sulfate, amine phosphates, viscosity reducing agents 90.00%
Inert Ingredients 10.00%
Total 100.00%
All ingredients are exempt from the requirements of a tolerance under 40 CFR Part 180.1001 (c).

About Vaporize

Vaporize is a specialized water-conditioning agent designed to enhance the performance of glyphosate and other weak acid herbicides. The proven ability of Vaporize to adjust pH creates a more acidic spray solution that protects the herbicides in the spray solution from antagonizing hard water ions like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Manganese. This will allow glyphosate and other weak acid herbicides to stay in their most effective form. The addition of a low foaming surfactant in Vaporize reduces surface tension and enhances coverage on the leaf surface. This specially designed water-conditioning agent, pH adjuster, and surfactant system allows Vaporize to optimize glyphosate and other weak acid herbicides in some of the most challenging application conditions.

Use Rates

  • 1–2 qt/100 gallons of water