MicroPower: A Complete Micronutrient Source

MicroPower can be used on soybeans, corn, cereal grains, fruits, and vegetables. It delivers Manganese, an essential element for many plant functions, and other vital nutrients to crops. However, Manganese can get tied up in the soil by off-balance pH, organic matter, and some herbicides such as glyphosate. Apply MicroPower as a foliar application to supplement Manganese and other important nutrients to plants during early growth stages.

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Use Rates


  • Soybeans: 1–2 qt/acre at V3 to R3
  • Corn: 1–2 qt/acre at V4 to VT
  • Cereal Grains: 1–2 qt/acre at stage 2 to stage 8
  • Fruiting and Leafy Vegetables: 1–2 qt/acre as part of a regular spray program
  • Tree Fruit: 1-2 qt/acre as part of a regular spray program



  • 1–2 qt/acre with a minimum of 2 gallons of carrier per acre