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Today, farmers seek ways to boost efficiency and increase productivity while being the best stewards of the land they hope to pass on to future generations. At PowerAG, we constantly look for the latest science and technology to deliver new agronomic solutions to growers.



Through research and on-farm testing, PowerAG delivers leading-edge products that improve plant health and nutrient availability, maximize yields, and focus on profitability for growers. Good soil health and solid agronomic solutions create opportunities for strong results.



PowerAG is founded on the core values of faith, virtue, and trust. We are committed to building enduring relationships and providing answers, resources, and service to best fit our customers’ needs.


Chad Beiler

Sales Representative

Chad grew up a native of Lancaster County and helped his Grandfather and Uncles around the farm. After graduating from high school, he worked for a local excavating company and enjoyed operating the heavy equipment.


In 2014 Chad began a career focused on agriculture. He sold seed, crop protection, and PowerAG products. Chad became a resource for his customers by sharing his in-field experience and knowledge of reliable agronomic programs. He is passionate about helping growers succeed and enjoys the challenge of increasing productivity while adding to a farmer’s overall return on investment.


In 2020 Chad joined the PowerAG team and is excited to work with both growers and retailers in support of our customers who feed the region and the world.