Deposition Aid and Drift Management Agent


Modified vegetable oil, petroleum oil, alkyl phenol ethoxylate 100.00%
All ingredients are exempt from the requirements of a tolerance under 40 CFR Part 180.

About Streamline

Streamline is a spray adjuvant specially formulated to minimize drift, improve deposition and leaf wetting, and increase canopy penetration. Streamline reduces the number of driftable fines and results in a more uniform spray droplet size which improves coverage on the intended target.

Use Rates

  • 1.5 – 2 pt/100 gallons of water

Real Results

Streamline: An Effective Method for Minimizing Drift

Stewartsville, NJ farmer, Robert Santini, has seen firsthand how Streamline works, and now adds it to his spray mix to minimize drift and improve deposition. Robert commented, “Without it, I would be just sitting there waiting for the wind to die down.”