Streamline: Deposition Aid and Drift Management Agent

Streamline is a spray adjuvant specially formulated to minimize drift, improve deposition and leaf wetting, and increase canopy penetration. Streamline reduces the number of driftable fines and results in a more uniform spray droplet size which improves coverage on the intended target.

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FAQ: What value does Streamline add to the tank mix?

Streamline allows the applicator peace of mind, knowing that Streamline reduces off target drift, and enhances chemical absorption by helping to get 10-20% more active ingredient into the plant. Hitting the target and increasing chemical efficacy provides value to the grower by increasing weed control while minimizing off target crop response.

Use Rates


  • 4–6 oz/acre in 10–25 GPA
  • 8–10 oz/acre in 25–50 GPA
  • 10 oz/acre in 50–100 GPA



  •  2.5–4 oz/acre in 2–5 GPA. Do not add Streamline at a rate that exceeds 1% of the finished spray volume.

Streamline: An Effective Method for Minimizing Drift

Working with Streamline has given me more hours in the day to get the job done. Without it, I would be sitting there waiting for the wind to die down.