Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers to the most common questions our sales reps and staff receive about our products and recommendations. Don’t see your question listed? Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.


What is your best product?

That’s a question we get quite often, but a question that doesn’t merit a simple answer. At PowerAG we prefer to focus on foundational agronomy and build for yield from the ground up. Discovering the weakest link in a fertility program is the secret to successfully positioning products. Understanding soil health, nutrient holding capacity, and nutrient availability are important keys to proper product placement. Your PowerAG sales rep can help you fine tune a solid fertility system.



Do foliar products pay?

Foliar products can provide key nutrients at critical growth stages to improve yields and profitability, but it is important to remember that plants have a limited ability to acquire nutrients through the cuticle of the leaf. So, at PowerAG we believe it is important to have a solid foundational fertility plan in place to get the greatest benefits from foliar applied nutrients. You cannot get enough nutrients in through the leaf cuticle alone, to replace the amount of total nutrients a high yielding crop requires. We like to pay attention to ROI and enhancing crop yields to improve profits



Your test plot data looks interesting. How do you collect that data?

Over the past few years, we have been ramping up our field level research. We have 2 types of trials. When we are scanning through product concepts, we use some small, replicated plots to sort through the technologies available. We then scale up to field level testing, and replicate plots across several states and 4-5 counties. Data summaries are finalized and published after all plots are harvested each season. Some products we have multiple years of data we summarize, and some of the newer products obviously start with 1 year of data, which we build upon.
In 2022 we started our own research farm in Lancaster County, which gives us a lot of opportunity and options for testing more products and crops in the future.



Why do you recommend applying Boron foliar multiple times to some crops?

Boron is a micronutrient that is vital to mobilizing nutrients in the plant. Boron helps to pull nutrients through the plant to the point where cell division is happening and providing nutrient for growth and development. Boron can also improve flower set and pollination, which contributes to overall yield potential.



Why should I consider using Potassium Acetate over Potassium Hydroxide?

The absorption rate through a foliar application of Potassium Acetate is nearly 5 times higher than Potassium Hydroxide. So, you get more potassium into the plant, which increases efficiency, allows you to apply a lower use rate, and lowers your input costs.



Why do you have so many adjuvants, your competitor says they have 1 product for any application?

There are many reasons why we recommend specific adjuvants with specific applications. It really is all about the fundamentals of chemistry. For example, some types of chemistry like glyphosate perform better when the tank mix solution that is applied is more acidic, while other products need a high pH in order to maximize efficacy. So we recommend specific adjuvants accordingly.

Other adjuvants may increase penetration through a waxy leaf surface, or improve overall coverage on the leaf surface. Some adjuvants can reduce off site drift or volatility.
Be cautious of claims that one product can fit every situation. At PowerAG, we strive to position products to maximize performance in every tank mix, so we’ll do our best to position the right product on the right crop.



Do you have products that are labelled tank mix partners on Xtend™  and Enlist™  soybeans?

Yes, we do have products that have been approved for foliar applications with Xtend or Enlist-trained soybeans. We continue to submit products for testing to get on the approved lists. Check with your PowerAg sales representative for the latest list of approved products.



How many pounds of Phosphorus can the Bacillus Phosphaticum release and make available to the crop?

The Bacillus Phosphaticum can release up to 30 lbs. of phosphorus in a growing season, depending upon the nutrient availability within the soil and other environmental factors such as rainfall.



Is AlphaPower MP only for use on alfalfa?

AlphaPower MP has been reformulated as a very well-balanced formulation including both macro and micronutrients, along with AmiTek and other biologicals. We have experienced excellent results with this product across multiple crop species.



What is the best timing to use HarvestPower MP? Should I apply it with the cleanup herbicide pass or will I get more benefits applying it at R1-R3?

HarvestPower MP has manganese in it to help metabolize glyphosate applications and also has enough Boron to help reduce flower abortion during the vegetative stages of growth. The benefits of a R1-R3 application come from the addition of Potassium during peak nutrient uptake needs in the early reproductive stages of grain fill.



Why is MaxxPower MP the product of choice for corn foliar applications at V4-V10?

MaxxPower MP is a balanced NPK formulation with a higher percentage of Zinc. Zinc is a necessary nutrient that is used as a food source for many of the microbial within the soil, specifically helping to increase the availability of Phosphorus and improving plant vigor.



What makes MaNage HL an elite nitrogen stabilizer?

MaNage HL contains both DCD and NBPT. This gives the grower the broadest and most complete Nitrogen technology available. This formulation can be used with both UAN and Urea. The penetrant used in the formulation allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep within a urea pearl, providing the best available protection. The combination of both DCD and NBPT gives you protection against denitrification, leaching, and volatilization making it a great choice for both early season and side dress applications.



What value does Streamline add to the tank mix?

Streamline allows the applicator peace of mind, knowing that Streamline reduces off target drift, and can enhances chemical absorption by getting up to 10-20% more active ingredient to the desired target. Hitting the target and increasing chemical efficacy provides value to the grower by increasing weed control while minimizing off target crop response.