Agronomy Insights videos touch on relevant issues that growers face. These videos show some of the things we learn in the field and give helpful recommendations. Subscribe to our channel for new video uploads!

High Yield Wheat Management

PowerAG’s Chad Beiler has been helping wheat growers achieve their yield goals all across the northeast. Listen as he documents a few of the crucial steps that need to be taken in order to set up your crop for success.

Stabilize Nitrogen with MaNage HL

Nitrogen can be lost in a variety of different ways. Watch as Chad and Chris breakdown how you can best protect your investment with the technologies in MaNage HL.

Utilizing Phosphorus with MegaPower MP

Utilizing all of the soils Phosphorus is very important when growing high yielding corn. With MegaPower’s new technology, tied up Phosphorous in the soil portfolio can be converted into available nutrients ready for plant uptake. Watch as Dervin and Chris take you through the research plot, and show you what they are learning about this product.

Plot Planter How We Do It

Listen as agronomist Dervin Druist explains in depth how PowerAG customized a planter for accurate results in our test plots.


With new in-furrow products and additives, PowerAG is dedicated to getting real in-field test results and this planter enables us to do so accurately and efficiently.

Plot Sprayer How We Do It

Wondering how PowerAG manages and test their products?

Chad Beiler explains how PowerAG manages test plots with their customized sprayer.

Learn how these specialized features, enable us to preciously spray our test plots to ensure that our data is accurate and reliable.

Soil Compaction Reasons and Remedies

Recognize sidewall compaction caused by wheel traffic, tillage practices, or heavy rainfall. Consider beneficial actions to improve the soil condition.

Corn Starter Programs See the Results

Growers are looking for a quick start and uniform emergence in a corn starter program. We compared treated corn and an untreated check in our plot. Add MegaPower MP to a traditional corn starter program, and you can increase yields by more than ten bushels per acre.

Corn Tip Back 

Is corn tip-back a direct result from a lack of Nitrogen? Not always. This field had plenty of Nitrogen and good fertility all season-long. Learn how other factors can affect corn tip-fill issues.

Healthier Corn with MegaPower MP

Are you looking for even corn-emergence and early vigor? Chad from Cochranville Ag Services noticed this with MegaPower MP. They had green leaves through mid-July all the way down the stalk. Learn how MegaPower MP can enhance corn growth season-long.