Zinc Deficiency in Soybeans

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency in Soybeans

Zinc deficiency appears as a chlorosis in the interveinal areas of new leaves producing a banding or striping appearance. Leaf and plant growth become stunted with increasing severity of the deficiency; leaves eventually die and fall off the plant.

Soybean Zinc Defiance.

Zinc Deficiency: Interveinal chlorosis or mottling and stunted growth

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About Zinc

Zinc plays a key role in many enzyme systems in plants. It controls the production of important growth regulators that influence new growth and development. One of the first indications of Zinc deficiency is the presence of stunted plants resulting from a shortage of growth regulators.

Functions of Zinc

  • Synthesis of protein
  • Needed for uniform maturity
  • Important for Calcium translocation

Zinc Deficiency is Made Worse By:

  • Organic conditions
  • High pH
  • High Phosphorus fertilization

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