PowerAG offers individual micronutrients and specialized micro packages that are tailored to meet your crop’s specific needs.

Growers today are extracting more yield per acre than at any time in history. As yields increase, the nutrient demand on soil also increases.


Nutrient availability is more complex than just pulling soil samples.


The tremendous demand on the plant to translocate nutrients from the soil to the growing point is restricted by the capacity of the plant’s vascular system when transferring nutrients. For example, when Nitrogen is readily available in high-management conditions, it can squeeze out other important nutrients that are less mobile in the soil and plant tissue, potentially robbing the growing plant of key micronutrients. Soil pH also plays an important role in micronutrient availability.


Today, growers often rely on foliar micronutrients to assist the plant in maximizing yields. Improving yields is not solely about how much nutrients are in the soil—it’s about how readily available those nutrients are at key growth stages. Foliar applied nutrients are an excellent way to supplement the plant during these stages.

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