PowerAG provides a premium line of adjuvants and water-conditioners.

Adjuvants are important components to numerous crop protection tank mixtures. You will find many herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide labels that spell out specific types of adjuvants because they improve the performance of the product. Some adjuvants help the product penetrate the leaf cuticle better, and some help spread out the chemistry across the leaf surface, increasing the product performance.


Some adjuvants are deposition aids and help to reduce off-target drift by improving the uniformity of the spray droplet. PowerAG has high-quality adjuvants to meet these specific needs.


We grow a wide variety of crops. Simply put—Streamline works!

Streamline: Successful Drift Reduction


We grow a wide variety of crops. Simply put—Streamline works! Over the years, I have tried various drift management agents with limited success. When facing adverse/breezy conditions, I couple Streamline with air induction nozzles and calibrate my sprayer to 15 psi. I’ve had great success with this combination.


Jim Erb

Lancaster, PA

Adjuvant Products

Increase contact activity through wetting and aid in penetration and water-conditioning for improved herbicide activity.