MaNage HL: Manage Your Nitrogen Availability

MaNage HL Nitrogen stabilizer is a uniquely formulated fertilizer additive for urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertilizers. MaNage HL combines two highly concentrated actives to lessen all three forms of Nitrogen loss: volatilization, leaching and de-nitrification. Combine MaNage HL with urea or urea containing fertilizers prior to application. This enhanced efficiency fertilizer can be incorporated or applied pre-plant, side-dress, or used for surface applications to help create an efficient Nitrogen source for all crops. MaNage HL is not a fertilizer substitute.

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FAQ: What makes MaNage HL an elite nitrogen stabilizer?

MaNage HL contains both DCD and NBPT. This gives the grower the broadest and most complete nitrogen technology available. This formulation can be used with both UAN and Urea. The penetrant used in the formulation allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep within a urea pearl, providing the best available protection. The combination of both DCD and NBPT gives you protection against identification, leaching, and volatilization making it a great choice for both early season and side dress applications.

Use Rates

  • Liquid Nitrogen (UAN) 1 qt/ton
  • Dry Urea: 2 qt/ton


General rate recommendations are based on average conditions.

Rate may be adjusted higher as needed based on field conditions, including the following:

  • Soil pH values higher than 7.0 pose a risk for higher potential volatility.
  • 0.8 inches of rain or irrigation are required to move the urea into the soil.
  • Residues in excess of 30% present higher levels of urease and higher volatility can be expected.