Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn

Symptoms of Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn

Nitrogen deficiency causes pale, yellowish-green foliage and stunted plants. Because Nitrogen is a mobile nutrient in the plant, symptoms appear first on the older leaves, and then develop on younger leaves as conditions become acute. Nitrogen deficient plants mature early with significantly reduced yield and quality.

Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn

Nitrogen Deficiency: Yellowish-green foliage

Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn.

Nitrogen Deficiency: V-shaped yellowing down the mid-rib

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About Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an integral part of all plant proteins. Thus, the nutritive value of the food we eat is largely dependent on the availability of Nitrogen for crop growth. It is required in greater quantities by crops than any of the other essential nutrients except Potassium in some high-yielding crops.

Functions of Nitrogen

  • Primary building block for amino acids, protein, and protoplasm
  • Critical for flower differentiation, rapid shoot growth, bud vigor, and fruit set
  • Acts as a catalyst for other elements

Nitrogen Deficiency is Made Worse By:

  • Extreme low or high pH
  • Fast growing crops