AlphaPower MP: Boost Crop Performance

AlphaPower MP can be used on a broad spectrum of row crops, fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. AlphaPower MP contains various micronutrients, organic acids, vegetal protein hydrolysates, and includes a dormant spore-based liquid that provides beneficial secretions to soil bacteria.

Learn more about AmiTek, PowerAG’s new Amino technology found in AlphaPower MP that supports physiological and metabolic functions within the plant and enhances plant productivity.

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FAQ: Is AlphaPower only for use on alfalfa?

AlphaPower MP has been reformulated as a very well-balanced formulation including both macro and micronutrients, along with AmiTek and other biologicals. We have experienced excellent results with this product across multiple crop species.

Use Rates


  • Forage Crops, and Pastures: 2 qt/acre at green-up and within 1 week after each cutting. Add 1–2 pt/acre BorPower along with each application of AlphaPower MP.
  • Corn: 1.5–2 qt/acre at V4 to VT.
  • Soybeans: 1.5–2 qt/acre at V3 to R3.
  • Cereal Grains: 1.5-2 qt/acre at stage 2 to stage 8 or at stage 10.1 to stage 10.5.
  • Cucurbits: 2 qt/acre (at fourth true leaf, two weeks after first application, and two weeks after second application).
  • Fruiting and Leafy Vegetables: 2 qt/acre (at transplant, at first flower).
  • Tree Fruit: 2 qt/acre per application
  • Turf Grass: 3–4 qt/acre or 3 oz/1000 square feet.



  • 1.5-2 qt/acre with a minimum of 2 gallons of carrier per acre.

Alfalfa: Improving Tonnage Results +16.4% Tons/Acre 

We have used AlphaPower MP and BorPower 5–7 days after each harvest and achieved significant results. PowerAG test plots using AlphaPower MP and BorPower delivered an average increase per cutting of 16.4% tons/acre.