Alfalfa Yield

The results below are part of a three-year study that PowerAG performed on Alfalfa.


The applications of AlphaPower MP and BorPower were made at green-up in the spring and then again 7-10 days after each cutting. In the trials where micronutrient applications were utilized, we found that the alfalfa was denser and more uniform than in trials without the product applied.


Growers are constantly looking for higher yields and better-quality feed and we have found this to be a crucial step in obtaining these goals.

Alfalfa Trial Data Summary
Data is from 3 years - 3 cuttings per yearUnits of Measure - TonsCheck1.5 pt/acreBorPower2 qt/acreAlphaPower MP3.724.31+ 14%65.554.543.532.521.51