Copper Deficiency in Cereal Grains

Symptoms of Copper Deficiency in Cereal Grains

Copper deficiency may not be as easy to identify as other micronutrients. However, Copper does not move in the plant, so it appears first in younger growth. Often new growth is reduced, stunted, or distorted. Copper deficiency in trees may cause white tip or bleaching of younger leaves and summer dieback.

Copper Deficiency in Cereal Grains.

Copper Deficiency: Leaf tips show a crown of dead young leaves

Copper Deficiency in Cereal Grains.

Copper Deficiency (detail): Plants show wilting, rolling, and death of the tips of its youngest leaves

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About Copper

Copper is a key, elemental component of chlorophyll and plays a central role in photosynthesis. Copper soil deficiencies are often associated with high organic matter soils, peats, and mucks; since Copper is held more tightly by organic matter, thus making it less available for root uptake.

Functions of Copper

  • Critical for photosynthesis
  • Necessary for seed development
  • Component for several enzymes

Copper Deficiency is Made Worse By:

  • Organic conditions
  • High Nitrogen application
  • Water stressed plants

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