Streamline: An effective method for minimizing drift

    Stewartsville, NJ farmer, Robert Santini, has seen firsthand how Streamline works, and now adds it to his spray mix to minimize drift and improve deposition. Robert commented, "Without it, I would be just sitting there waiting for the wind to die down."

    Streamline Streamline

  • Pepper Spray: A Hardworking Defense Against Wildlife Browsing

    Pittstown, NJ farmer, Tom Hlasney used Pepper Spray on his soybeans to keep deer out of his field and was very pleased with the results.

    Pepper Spray Pepper Spray

  • Barley: A Stronger, Healthier Crop with Excellent Yield

    Pittstown, NJ farmer, Tom Hlasney, tested PowerAG products on his barley and noticed increased standability, dense root balls, and long heads. The average weight ticket yield was 110 bushels/acre. He commented, “I have never had this kind of success before.”

    M-Power M-Power SulfurPower SulfurPower BorPower BorPower PK Power PK Power

  • Corn: Even Ears and Strong Standability

    When Frenchtown, NJ farmer, Gabe Sipos, purchased his farm, he faced compacted, nutrient-depleted, red clay soil, but the past two years use of PowerAG products has produced results. Mr. Sipos explained, “The micronutrient uptake has changed dramatically. We’re achieving larger root mass, strong standability, even ears, nice girth, and higher bushels per acre.”

    Xcelerate 7-18-7 Xcelerate Corn M-Power M-Power popUPpower popUPpower PK Power PK Power

  • Corn: Overcoming Compacted Soil to Lift Yield

    Knoxville, PA farmer, Karl Kroeck, commented, “Despite compacted soil in an old railroad grade, M-Power’s ability to put early roots on my corn has really impressed me.”

    M-Power M-Power popUPpower popUPpower N-Ergize N-Ergize

  • Alfalfa: Improving Tonnage Results +16.4% Tons/Acre

    Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, applied AlfaPower MP and BorPower 5–7 days after each harvest and achieved significant results. PowerAG test plots using AlfaPower MP and BorPower delivered an average percent increase per cutting of 16.4% tons/acre.

    AlfaPower MP AlfaPower MP BorPower BorPower

  • Soybeans: Healthier Plants and Good Pod Set

    Knoxville, PA farmer, Karl Kroeck, faced gravelly, light soil when growing beans on his hills. Mr. Kroeck reacted, “We’ve been able to put early roots on the beans, get good pod set and advanced maturity. We like to get beans in sooner and then get them off before early frosts.”

    M-Power M-Power MolyPower MolyPower HarvestPower HarvestPower

  • Corn: Achieving Important Yield Increases

    Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, has been using PowerAG products for two seasons and stated, “We have definitely increased root mass and plant health.”

    M-Power M-Power popUPpower popUPpower

  • Soybeans: Increased Potash for Pod Set and Pod Fill

    Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, faced a late frost. He explained, “We thought the plants were gone, but they recuperated. At flowering we used HarvestPower with M-Power, and the beans really took off!”

    HarvestPower HarvestPower M-Power M-Power

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