Guaranteed Analysis
Boron (B) 10.00%
Derived From

Boric Acid

General Information

BorPower is used on field crops, fruit trees, vegetables, and ornamentals for the prevention and correction of Boron deficiencies. Use along with a regular fertilizer program for all crops requiring Boron. BorPower can be used with starter fertilizer.

Use Rates


  • 2–4 qt/acre. DO NOT place in direct contact with seed.


  • Alfalfa: 1–2 pt/acre. Apply BorPower at green-up and shortly after each cutting. Add 2 qt/acre AlfaPower MP along with BorPower at green-up and shortly after each cutting to help maximize tonnage.
  • Field Crops, Fruit Trees, and Vegetables: 1–2 qt/acre per application throughout the growing season. At least two applications are recommended. More frequent applications at higher rates may be needed to correct any deficiencies.
  • Ornamental Crops: 1–2 qt/100 gallons of water. Cover foliage thoroughly to the point of runoff. Repeat applications if necessary.


  • 1 qt/acre with a minimum of 2 gallons of carrier per acre

The Role of Boron

  • Seed and cell wall formation
  • Root elongation
  • Protein synthesis
  • Membrane integrity
  • Pollination and fertilization
  • Sugar transport

Boron Deficiency

Look for

  • Youngest leaves are misshapen, thick, brittle, and small
  • Short stems
  • Root growth will be impaired
  • Cracks and splits around the stalk joining the leaf to the stem
  • Leaves tend to have a more simple shape

Real Results

Barley: A Stronger, Healthier Crop with Excellent Yield

Pittstown, NJ farmer, Tom Hlasney, tested PowerAG products on his barley fields this past summer and noticed increased standability, dense root balls, and long heads. The average weight ticket yield was 118 bushels/acre with 110 bales/acre of straw. He commented, “I have never had this kind of success before.”

Alfalfa: Improving Tonnage Results +16.4% Tons/Acre

Mt. Joy, PA farmer, Elvin Reiff, applied AlfaPower MP and BorPower 5–7 days after each harvest and achieved significant results. PowerAG test plots using AlfaPower MP and BorPower delivered an average percent increase per cutting of 16.4% tons/acre.