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PowerAG’s complete line of soil and foliar micronutrients is designed to meet your crop’s specific needs and to maximize yield potential.

Micro-Enhanced Starters

PowerAG’s complete starter fertilizer packages are designed to promote seed and root development for plants as they emerge from the soil.

Soil Amendments

PowerAG’s soil amendments supplement the natural biological process of the organic turnover in the soil.

Slow-Release Nitrogen

PowerAG’s slow-release Nitrogen products assist growers to deliver Nitrogen over a 10–14 week period. This process helps to supply Nitrogen when plants need it the most.

Nitrogen Management

PowerAG’s N-Ergize enhances Nitrogen fertilizers and can be counted on to manage Nitrogen availability when your plants need it the most.

Seed Treatment

PowerAG’s seed treatment promotes early plant development and is important for fixating Nitrogen with legumes.


PowerAG’s premium line of adjuvants promote increased contact activity through wetting. They aid in penetration & water conditioning for improved herbicide activity.

Tank Cleaner

PowerAG’s CleanOut aids in the reduction of spray tank residue.

Wildlife Deterrent

PowerAG’s Pepper Spray is an effective measure for reducing wildlife browsing.

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