Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) 8.00%
Sulfur (S) 17.00%
Derived From

Urea and Ammonium Thiosulfate

General Information

SulfurPower has a Sulfur and Nitrogen base. Use SulfurPower as a foliar application. SulfurPower can also be impregnated on granular fertilizer at a rate of 1 quart per 300 pounds.

Use Rates


  • Soybeans: 1–2 qt/acre at V3 to R3
  • Corn: 1–2 qt/acre at V3 to VT
  • Cereal Grains: 1–2 qt/acre at stage 2 to stage 8
  • Fruits and Vegetables: 1–2 qt/acre as part of a regular spray program

The Role of Sulfur

  • Necessary for all living cells
  • Essential for Nitrogen-fixing nodules on legumes
  • Creates chlorophyll
  • Helps plants resist disease
  • Aids in growth and seed formation

Sulfur Deficiency in Corn

Look For

  • Yellowing of the younger or new leaves
  • Interveinal chlorosis of the leaves emerging from the whorl in young plants
  • Yellowing of entire leaf with slightly greener veins as deficiency advances

Sulfur Deficiency in Soybeans

Look For

  • Small new leaves
  • Pale yellow-green in color with discoloration disappearing after several days
  • Stems thin, hard, and elongated

Sulfur Deficiency in Cereal Grains

Look For

  • Light yellowing of the leaves (resembles Nitrogen deficiency)
  • Yellowing of leaves predominantly on younger leaves (unlike Nitrogen deficiency)

Real Results

Barley: A Stronger, Healthier Crop with Excellent Yield

Pittstown, NJ farmer, Tom Hlasney, tested PowerAG products on his barley fields this past summer and noticed increased standability, dense root balls, and long heads. The average weight ticket yield was 118 bushels/acre with 110 bales/acre of straw. He commented, “I have never had this kind of success before.”

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