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PowerAG was established in 2011 to develop, market, and distribute a line of innovative products designed to increase plant health, maximize crop yield, and improve herbicide performance.

Our distinction in the marketplace is based on our commitment to selling quality products at an affordable cost. PowerAG believes in building long-term relationships that are based on our ability to deliver real value to the farming community. Our unparalleled customer service and ongoing product education help farmers to achieve exceptional results.

PowerAG is located in the Northeastern USA. Our products are sold and distributed nationwide through a select dealer network. Please contact us to locate a PowerAG dealer closest to you.

Sales East of the Mississippi

Mark Shelley

Mark Shelley Sales Representative

Mark grew up in Lancaster County, PA and earned an Associate’s degree in business at Thompson Institute. He began his career working as a graphic art supervisor for the Lititz, PA firm, Yerger Brothers. In 1994 he formed a partnership with the owner of Lanco Graphics, Inc., an offset printer located in Lancaster, PA. Mark managed printing sales, and during the next 14 years the company experienced annual revenue growth.

In 2008, Mark sold his equity in Lanco Graphics to pursue an opportunity in agricultural product sales. After a period of training and product familiarization, Mark began selling adjuvants, surfactants, and micronutrients to growers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Within two years, Mark was nationally recognized as a top-seller based on the total volume of sales.

In 2012, Mark joined PowerAG, and services PowerAG wholesale and retail sales for all states east of the Mississippi River.

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Sales West of the Mississippi

Keith Snider

Keith Snider Sales Representative

Keith grew up on a cattle farm in southern Missouri and worked for a crop farmer when he was a teenager. In 1988 he started his own business as an agricultural land-leveling contractor. Keith’s experience in land leveling led him into the golf course building business in 1995. As a shaper, Keith helped build many championship golf courses across the country.

During the years spent working on golf courses, Keith learned about growing turf type grasses and the use of liquid fertilizers. This knowledge benefited him when his interests expanded into the agricultural side of the liquid fertilizer business.

Over the years, Keith has gained professional contacts across the nation, and these contacts have provided access to a wide variety of resources for testing, manufacturing, and consulting.

Keith joined PowerAG as a salesman in 2015 and services sales west of the Mississippi River.

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Dervin Druist

Dervin Druist Agronomist

Dervin was born and raised on a dairy farm in south central Pennsylvania. He began his career in 1989 working in dairy nutrition and feed sales. In 1994, he became a District Manager for a regional seed company that was a distributor for the Garst Seed brand. Dervin joined the Garst team in 1999 and served as a District Manager for seven years.

In 2001, he took the national and state exams and became CCA certified by the American Society of Agronomy. Dervin was promoted to Agronomist for Garst in 2006. When Garst was acquired by Syngenta, Dervin resumed his role as agronomist under Syngenta brands and broadened his experience across both the seed and crop protection businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions.

Dervin’s primary focus has been on row crops, but since 2013, he has broadened his experience into the tree fruit and vegetable markets. His agronomy role has included troubleshooting, new product testing, product positioning, and the training of sales reps and retailers.

In 2016, Dervin joined PowerAG as Agronomist and continues to serve the crop protection business in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions.

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